Pete Wright

"I guarantee he will help you achieve more than you can imagine."

I had the pleasure of having Robby as my coach when I first began my CrossFit journey years ago.  Robby was already an experienced coach by then and I was just getting started.  Robby has a unique way of coaching that calmly puts people at ease while simultaneously encouraging them to improve and exceed their own expectations.  He’s particularly skilled with identifying and improving movement inefficiencies both in basic functional life patterns as well as more complex Olympic lifts.  I learned a tremendous amount from him, and the results I achieved were a testament to his abilities as a coach.  His example was one of the primary influences on my desire to become a coach as well, which eventually led to opening our own gym.  Robby is a true professional, who cares deeply for the well-being and goals of his clients.  I feel privileged for the experiences he shared with me, and cannot recommend his services highly enough.  I only wish he lived closer so we could continue to work together.  I guarantee he will help you achieve more than you can imagine.

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