Our Story

Part I

I have enjoyed physical training  my entire life. However, educationally , I pursued  what was perceived to be a more steady career, Electrical Engineering. During my first engineering job interview I was asked, “when you were young did you take things apart and put them back together?” I answered, “no, I reenacted Rocky training montages (which I may or may not still do), and practiced strict pull-ups at home so I could improve my max set of pull-ups during grade school PE class”.

As a means of supplementing my income while in college, I began personal training. I quickly realized I enjoyed training others, even more so than training myself. It is an awesome experience to work closely with someone as they achieve a fitness goal they never thought possible. I realized in working with amazing clients how to collaborate and harness their abilities to achieve success. Fitness isn’t just a hobby for me–it’s a passion. With each day and each client my desire is to help them become more passionate about their personal journey and their subsequent achievements as they put their health and well-being first.


Part II

Being an Air Force family, we have lived in several different locations around the world.  My wife and I chose to start a CrossFit gym here in Colorado Springs because we love this part of the country, and the people. I tell anyone that will listen: the amount of sunshine that we get here is reason enough to put down roots in Colorado Springs, though, we did previously live in Alaska where sunlight is a cherished commodity!

Part III

CrossFit Falcon View is a professional gym with staff that provide the highest standard of training. Our coaches are paid as professional coaches; required to continue their fitness training and education. We hold weekly staff meetings to discuss how to improve our service and facility, and seek opportunities for continuing education. We are committed to ensuring CrossFit Falcon View provides the best value to clients.