Goals and the CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Open can be a very powerful goal setting tool. I prefer to speak from experience when I can. Personally, I’ve had a different goal for each of the 5 Opens that I’ve participated in:

• 2012: Make top 60 in the region, make the gym regional team – check
• 2013: Make the top 60 in the region – fail
• 2014: Make the top 60 in the region – check
• 2016: Lose 10lbs and get back to a body weight power snatch – check
• 2018: Use the Open competition to kickstart a consistent training regimen – check
• 2019: Make the top 1000 (US) in the men’s 35-39 age group – TBD

As you can see my goals have varied over the years, but I still make sure to set a goal. That doesn’t always coincide with the Open. For instance, I once set a goal of getting my bodyfat below 12% at 3 months out from a trip to Hawaii in early 2017. This gave me the incentive to train 5x/week for 3 months, while working full time.

Setting fitness goals is a powerful tool to help some people get into a consistent training and nutrition routine. You can use the Open competition to help you identify goals, like I’ve shown above. For example, if you finished 1,011th in Colorado last year in the 40-44 age group, then a great goal would be to finish in the top 1,000 in Colorado this year. Another example is if you’ve done multiple Opens, you’ll see a workout repeated. Shoot for a better “score” the next time you repeat an Open workout.

Also, don’t let the Open competition intimidate you into a negative mindset toward your fitness goals. Obviously not everyone has to do the Open, and our coaches at CFFV don’t pressure anyone into it. BUT, if the sole reason you are not doing the Open is because you feel that you should be in better shape to participate, you are approaching it wrong. It’s a great opportunity to test your current level of fitness and create a plan to improve in the coming year; approach/use it as such.

It’s very important for most people to set goals, otherwise you may find a reason to stop pursing better health through exercise and proper nutrition. Talk with a CFFV coach if you need help setting a goal while using the Open competition as a measuring tool. Also, no matter if you’re registered for the Open or not, come cheer on your fellow CFFV athletes on Friday nights beginning at 5:30pm (22Feb-22Mar). Bring your own snacks or refreshments as desired. We’ll email a link to the digital Open heats signup sheet to everyone on Thursday night or Friday morning. We’re so excited to host the first CrossFit Open season workouts at CFFV! Get ready, it begins tonight with the live announcement at 6pm MST!

-Robby Boutwell

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