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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CrossFit safe?

Yes. CrossFit training is very safe, while extensive sitting is actually incredibly dangerous to our health. In our professional, credentialed coaches will provide instructions and coaching to help all people move safely and efficiently.

What if I can't do all the exercises?

You are not alone! We are all in different places on our fitness journeys, and many (if not most of us) cannot do every single movement or weight. No matter where you are in your journey, our experienced coaches will help you scale a movement to one that you can complete safely while still challenging your limits.

What should I expect at a class?

You can expect a full strength and conditioning workout in 1 hour. Everything is coach-led: from a thorough warm-up, to the workout, and finishing with a cool-down, our coaches will be there each step of the way. You can also expect rockin' music and a great and welcoming community that will have you coming back for more!


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