Gym Space Build Out Hurdles: Update

Our construction permit has been approved! We hope to officially open the doors in 1 month, but we need to verify a final timeline with the contractor. In the meantime, we have started signing up members for the Founder’s Club. Founder’s Club members do not require a fundamentals course and will receive a free Founder’s Club T-shirt with your member number on it, as well as a free PT (personal training) session with me (Robby). If you are interested please book an intro appointment here, or contact us at 719-400-8793 and we will meet at the gym to discuss your fitness goals and who we are at CFFV.

Gym Space Build-Out Hurdles

Hi All!

We’re working hard to get CrossFit Falcon View open as soon as possible, but there have been some obstacles regarding permitting and zoning that we are having to deal with along the way. This is no surprise, fortunately we know five different gym owners who have had to go through similar processes and they have given us sound advice and put our minds at ease while dealing with these build-out hurdles. We hope to officially open the doors in Late July or early August. We will be taking pre-sales for Founder’s club beginning at least 2 weeks before we open. In the meantime, we’ll keep everyone up to speed on the progress via Instagram and Facebook, and here on the CFFV website.