Athlete of the MonthSeptember


Career: Dental Office Manager

Years Doing CrossFit: 6

She prioritizes her fitness and it shows! Larissa has trained consistently for years, and she's still improving because she's a hard worker, loves to workout with friends and trains consistently!!

What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you? I never worked out before CrossFit. I didn’t understand why people would do that??? Weird?? I slept at the gym while my husband worked out. Now things have really changed since starting CrossFit!

How did you start CrossFit? My mom asked if I wanted to try CrossFit with her and I said yes! We did CrossFit for about a year together it was awesome! Loved it ever since

What’s your favorite exercise/workout and why? I like cleans and running the last few in the gym we had I really enjoyed the heavier cleans as I could focus a bit more on the lift then run to recover. It’s a great combination! I also love deadlifts

What’s one fitness goal that you would like to achieve in the next year? Stringing toes to bar

What do you enjoy most about working out at CFFV? I love the coaches!! We’re in such great hands here. I appreciate the attention they give to each member while keeping us safe and still able to encourage the athletes at the right times to achieve our goals.

Athlete of the MonthAugust


Career: Educator, Facilitator, Integrator may be words you can use to describe my job. Title is Ropes Course Manager but I do much more than that at US Air Force Academy.

Years Doing CrossFit: 3

She has a busy schedule, made a big move in the last year, but puts her health and fitness first and it shows!

One thing most people don’t know about you?

Most people don’t know that I square danced until i was 19 and was part of a folk dance group that represented the United States at 2 International Folk Festivals host in Ukraine in 2004.

Years doing CrossFit?

Years in cross fit is around 3 (pieced together since 2014)
my start: Started in Telluride, CO. I had decided I was tired of feeling slow and unhealthy and I wanted something that was competitive and like a team sport. Played soccer growing up but it wasn’t available in Telluride 10 months out of the year.

Favorite exercise/workout?

I have always enjoyed Deadlifts. I almost always feel like a badass after doing them, feel they work my entire body and mind. Slip jerks have become something more exciting, pushing that much overhead just feels awesome.

Fitness Goal for the next year?

Goal for next year is to be more comfortable in Snatches and front squats. I have an issue with my shoulder, likely mobility, and snatches just don’t feel stable. Getting more comfort with front squats will help other lifts too. I also want to clear 210 with my deadlift (Coaches may think this is a very doable weight but it’s a head game I need to PR).

What do you enjoy most about working out at CFFV?

CFFV was the first “group” I joined after moving back to CO and after a divorce. I needed to find my people, a community. A lot has happened in last year for me and having CFFV there as a constant with incredible coaches and bad ass athletes of all abilities available, cheering, and always saying hi makes this gym a place I want to make time for every week. There are many gyms I tried but CFFV just felt like my gym the moment I walked in to ask about rates. Thank you!

What would you say to someone who is apprehensive about joining a CrossFit gym?

Advice: Find the right gym, even test out a few. Its a recipe of coaches, athletes, and programming. Then go slow, listen to your body and be okay with pushing a little further than you think you can. Your body can handle a lot. Commit to a month and hold yourself to it, even if it’s just 2 days a week. Be ready to work but also laugh and maybe break out a dance move when the music is right. If you need someone to go with, bring a friend or go with one, accountability is great but also nice to be going through it all together. WOD’s are supposed to be challenging but you can always scale and no matter what’s on the board or who did worse/better than you, everyone will likely give you a sweaty high five at the end cause you all made it to the end.